About Us

  • Bio-Revival is a Unique Gourmet Food Production Company. Modern technology and Patented Equipment allow us to be in line with healthy food TRENDS.
  • Bio-Revival - is a qualified team lead by world-class micro-encapsulation scientists, striving for achieving the highest technical standards and uncompromising quality of the products.
  • Bio-Revival Company started in the USA in 2015 with introducing to the market innovative products under the brand name Burst Active: Seaweed Vegetarian/Vegan Caviar, Juice Pearls, Olive Oil Pearls, Vinaigrette Pearls, Balsamic vinegar Pearls, Sauces Pearls, Red and Black caviar.
  • Our products are 100% natural, have attractive color, natural taste and they burst in your mouth creating new amazing sensations. They have a long shelf life. We do not use GMO, preservatives or additives.
  • The encapsulating technology has a bright future, and we keep working on developing new products to meet the demand of consumers in healthy, nutritious, tasty and affordable food.