Product Sales Sheet. Vinaigrette pearls

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VINAIGRETTE is a Mix of 100% EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL and WHITE BALSAMIC VINEGAR encapsulated in pearls that burst in your mouth adding wonderful flavor and phenomenal sensation to each bite of meat, fish, vegetable or desert dish.  Exquisite product for Haute Cuisine food artists and creative home chefs willing to please and surprise everyone with a new style and delicious taste of their dishes.

  • New, unique form of gourmet product – natural, healthy, tasty, modern, eye-catching
  • No special storage required
  • The Vinaigrette Pearls can be used in cold and hot dishes –they do not melt and maintain ideal shape, taste and attractiveness.
  • Local production – no import complexities 
  • The plant capacity is 1.1 tons of products per shift. We are flexible and are able to fulfill your urgent requests 
  • 8-12 months shelf life
  • Packed in 4 oz (100 g) glass jars, or 1000 g – 2.2 LB (1 kg) plastic bags. 
Origin: UA  

Ingredients: Extra Virgin olive oil, White Balsamic Vinegar, water,  calcium chloride, sodium alginate, sodium benzoate

No GMO or Preservatives. Gluten, sugar, trans-fat FREE



Shelf Life –12 months

“BURST ACTIVE” brand  

Ph: +1 561-667-3990      

Resources Available

  • Fliers
  • Sample allowance
  • Promo discounts

Pack Info

Glass jar – 0.113kg (0.256 g gross)

Carton Case, size  - 11.5’x8.5’x4.5’
                                 29cm x 22cm x 11cm
Units in case            24 glass jars        
Case Gross weight – 5.325kg
UPC   7945719917986  04                                          

Plastic bag – 1kg
Carton Case, size  - 11.5’x8.5’x4.5’
                                29cm x 22cm x 11cm                                 
Units in case             5 plastic bags
Case Gross weight – 5.1 kg
UPC   7945719917986  010                                      


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