Product Sales Sheet. Identical black and red caviar

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Delicious Identical Sturgeon and Salmon Caviar - similar to natural in taste and texture. 

For Caviar lovers at affordable price!

Made of seaweeds. Rich in OMEGA-3, Calcium, Iodine. 

Healthy product: decreases blood sugar and cholesterol. 

Great for gourmands, vegetarians, Kosher and healthy food lovers. 

Origin: UA  

Ingredients: Cod liver oil, sun flower oil, water, salt, calcium chloride, sugar, sodium alginate, black/red caviar flavor, natural colorant, sodium benzoate, citric acid

FREE from GMO, Preservatives, gluten, trans-fat


Shelf Life – 6-8 months 

48 hours refrigerated after opening

“BURST ACTIVE” brand  

Ph: +1 561-667-3990      

Resources Available

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  • Sample allowance
  • Promo discounts

Pack Info

Glass jar – 0.113kg (0.256 g gross)

Carton Case, size  - 11.5’x8.5’x4.5’
                                 29cm x 22cm x 11cm
Units in case            24 glass jars        
Case Gross weight – 5.325kg
UPC   7945719917986  01                                        

Plastic bag – 1kg
Carton Case, size  - 11.5’x8.5’x4.5’
                                29cm x 22cm x 11cm                                 
Units in case             5 plastic bags
Case Gross weight – 5.1 kg
UPC   7945719917986  08 (Red Caviar)                                      

UPC                                 (Black Caviar)

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